– Merrick Bank Online Credit Card Setup

Merrick Bank Online Credit Card Setup:

Receiving a new credit card can seem like the end of the road of the application and activation process but when you pull a credit out out of the envelope it is not ready to be used at your favorite store quite yet.  Prior to using a new credit card you will need to complete a process which is known as “credit card activation”.  Merrick Bank allows their credit card holders to easily complete this process online through their Credit Card Activation System.  All you will need to complete the process is device with internet access and your Merrick Bank Credit Card account information.

How To Set Up A New Merrick Bank Credit Card For Use:

  • Remove your new card from the envelope it was mailed on and visit the Merrick Bank Activation Page
  • Cardholders will then need to enter the full 16 digit account number found on their credit card (this is found on the front of your card)
  • Cardholders will be required their date of birth and the last 4 digits of the primary cardholder social security number
  • The two above pieces of personal information are required to verify your identity to ensure that the cardholder is in possession of the new card
  • New Cardholders can also set up an online Account with Merrick Bank where they can manage all of their account settings, view balances, and make payments

Once the above steps have been completed your new card will be ready for use.  Merrick Bank provides a variety of credit card types (both traditional and secured card) that are designed to meet specific criteria consumers may be seeking in a credit card.  As with all lines of credit it is important that you maintain your account in good standing and there are many advantages that can be used with your online account such as bill payment features to make sure you do not fall behind on your account.