– Chase Ink Business Card Invitation

Chase Ink Business Card Invitation:

Business owner (small, midsize, and large) may receive many offers for credit cards which can be used to separate their personal spending and their business finances.  It can at time seems overwhelming deciding which offer best suites your business needs.  There are many factors to consider such as what type spending your expenditures your business typically encounters.  If you have received a mail offer from Chase Ink Preferred you may be eligible to apply for a credit card which can earn you points which can be redeemed for travel rewards and many other reward options (gift cards, etc).  In order to access your application you will need to provide your 12 digit invitation number and your zip code (corresponding to the address to which the offer was sent).

What Do Business Owners Need To Know Regarding The Chase Ink Preferred Credit Card and Application Process?

  • Depending on your offer, business owners are eligible to receive bonus points when spending requirements are met in the specified period – currently, offers of 80,000 points when $5,000 dollars are spent in the first 3 months are available (offers may vary)
  • Cardholders will receive 3x points on all purchases on travel expenditures, shipping costs, and internet/phone/cable costs and all other purchase will receive 1x points
  • If you choose to redeem your points through Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel Purchases you will receive an additional 25% bonus for your points
  • Business owners will also be able to choose to receive employee cards (linked to your account) at no further cost to the cardholders

Business owners have many decisions to make regarding their finances and determining which decision is best for your business may depend on what type of spending you most often experience.  If you have shipping and media expenses (cable, internet, phone) you may consider the Chase Ink Preferred as a possible option for your business or company.  As with any credit decision you should review the options which will best suit your particular circumstances and needs.