– Citi Pay Masterpass Enrollment

Citi Pay Masterpass Enrollment:

The Citi Pay Masterpass is a feature provide by Citi and MasterCard which many vendors participate in which allow shoppers to make purchases without entering their credit card information.  This can have many advantages, in particular, in regards to security because  your credit card information will never be shared with a third party.  Instead of entering your full credit card details during your check out process (which typically includes full account number, expiration date, and security code) you will instead use a unique code through the Masterpass feature which will allow you to make your payment.  When you select to pay with Masterpass you will be directed to log in to your Citi Account and the purchase information and shipping information will automatically be uploaded – you only need to complete the verification process to complete your payment.

What Features Do Consumers Need To Be Aware When Enrolling and Using Citi Pay Masterpass:?

  • During the enrollment process you will need to verify your Citi Account before you can set up Masterpass – this will require you logging in to your Citi Account and verifying your account with an identification code set to your phone
  • You can link any eligible Citi Credit Card to your MasterPass account and your card will be used for the purchase and you will still be able to receive any credit card bonuses associated with your card (such as points, etc)
  • A full list of online vendors that accept Masterpass can be found on the main Citi Masterpass page which details the features of the service

Online security is a major concern for many shoppers and it is becoming very common for consumers to find that unauthorized charges have been made on an account of theirs.  With these concerns in mind, many companies are trying to develop more secure ways to pay (especially online) and if you are a Citi Customer you can review the features provided for the Masterpass service which provides an alternative to providing account details each time you make a purchase.