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Pre-Approval Auto Loan Offers From Capital One

Did you know Capital One offered loans for your next car purchase?  I know I sure had no idea until I received a pre-approval offer.  This opportunity should not be overlooked by car shoppers.  We most often think of using our local bank or the lender the dealer suggests.  Consumers are welcome to check their auto loan rate with Capital One with no impact to their credit report.  This means you can shop around for the best loan offer without a negative credit result.  Finding the best rate is absolutely critical to getting the best deal on your loan.

Auto Loan PreApproval With Capital One – Offer Review

As mentioned above, the best thing about this offer is that you can check your rate for free.  This check does not include a hard credit pull.  Soft inquiries do not show up on your credit report making this a zero risk offer.  In order to view your offer you will need to complete a very simple form.  The fields of the form are as follows:

Capital One Auto PreApproval Form

Capital One Auto PreApproval Form

Only two quick pieces of information are needed to access your offer.  Customers will need to provide their last name and the pre-approval code they received by mail or email.  After entering this information you will be asked to provide some additional information if you wish to accept your Capital One Auto Loan Offer.

Can You Apply Without An Pre-Approval Code?

Yes!  Customers do not need a pre-approval code in order to view their auto loan offer rate.  You will be need to get pre-qualified first.  To do this, you will select some very basic information such as if you will be getting this loan as a single person or a joint loan.  You will then provide financial details about yourself in order to review what sort of loan interest rate you are eligible for.  After reviewing your offer, you can then accept and complete the application process to get your new auto loan with Capital One.

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