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The American Express Delta SkyMiles Credit Card

Airline credit cards can be incredible deals for consumers who love to travel.  Delta partners with AMEX to offer the Delta Gold Credit Card.  With this card, customers will earn miles good for future Delta Travel.  The most incredible deal with this card is the new cardholder sign up offers available.  Offers for this card vary.  With this in mind it may be prudent to wait for a great offer before you sign up.  The current offer is extremely competitive relative to similar credit cards.  Highlights of the current offer include:

  • Earn 60,000 miles after $2,000 spending in 3 months
  • Earn a $50 credit statement after a single purchase in 3 months
  • Zero dollar introductory annual fee for the first year

These are some heavy hitting offers.  After the first year you will be subject to a $95 annual fee.  This means the waived fee adds almost an additional hundred dollars in value for consumers.

Delta Skymiles Card

Delta Skymiles Card

Gold Card Benefits and Features

In addition to the new card holder sign up bonus, customers will receive many other benefits with this card.  Here is a quick rundown of features cardholders can expect to enjoy with their AMEX Gold Card:

  • Earn up to 13 miles with Delta purchases
  • Everyday purchases will earn 1 mile for each dollar spent
  • The first checked bag will come at no cost
  • Discounted rates for Delta Sky Club Access
  • 20% off in flight purchases when flying Delta
  • No foreign transaction fees when using your card abroad

One of our favorite features of this card is the ability to earn extra miles when traveling with Delta.  Your miles earned will be based on your Medallion Status.  Delta Medallion status is a result of how much you earn with your rewards account and travel with Delta.  As you increase your level you will see a big increase in the miles you earn (up to 13 miles per dollar spent with Delta).

Applying For The Delta Gold AMEX RSVP Offer

AMEX RSVP Offer Reservation

AMEX RSVP Offer Reservation

As you can see, accessing your application does not require all that much information.  In fact, you will only be required to complete two pieces of information.  You will need to provide the RSVP code you received with your offer.  You will also have to enter your zip code.  This will allow you to transfer to your full application.  Once you have completed all required parts of the application, decisions are typically made within 30 seconds after submission.

Applications can also be completed by my.  With your mail offer you will find a short application which will need to be completed and signed.  The application can be sent in and reviewed.  Your credit decision will be sent to you once completed.

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