60SecondPremier.com – First PREMIER Bank Confirmation Number Credit Offer

First PREMIER Bank Confirmation Number Credit Offer:

  • First Premier Bank provides credit offers via mail to potential customers and in order to take advantage of an offer customers will need to visit the offer page to begin the application process
  • To begin the application process you will need to enter the confirmation number you received on the mailer – it is important to retain your mailer because the confirmation number is necessary
  • Once you enter your confirmation number you will be directed to your application where you can complete the process and find out if you will be approved for the credit card
  • Applicants do not necessarily need a confirmation number to begin the process – you can apply without an offer code for the First Premier Platinum MasterCard

Credit offers sent via mail are fairly common.  Some people do not appreciate the value of these offers (in fact, many use the pejorative term “junk mail” to describe mail like this).  One thing consumers need to consider is that by having credit offers sent to them they are able to view what types of credit offers, interest rates, loan details, etc are available to them from a variety of consumers.  While it may not always feel great to receive lots of mail, you are getting a good idea of what type of credit you can receive if needed one day.

First PREMIER Bank credit offers are designed to be fast, easy, and safe.  Credit decisions can be received once your application is completed and your entire application can be completed online once you provide the required personal and financial information.

Still Interested In More Details Regarding First PREMIER Bank Platinum MasterCard?

  • Credit decisions can be available in as little as 60 seconds once submitted
  • If you are applying without an offer code, you will be asked to complete a few questions prior to beginning your application (recent credit history related)
  • You can search for an offer code if you have lost it by providing your name and address and searching their database