WellsFargo.com/myoffer – Responding To A Wells Fargo Credit Offer

Wells Fargo Pre-Qualified Credit Offers

If you have received a pre-qualification offer from Wells Fargo for a credit card you can visit their offer response page (WellsFargo.com/myoffer) to access your customized offer and application in just a few simple steps.  Most customers visiting the Wells Fargo My Offer website will have received a letter in the mailing detailing their offer and what features they can expect with the product they were approved for (for instance, The Wells Fargo Visa Platinum Card).  If you are interested in applying for the card you can do so online – arriving at the website you will find the following field:

This is the most important process in applying for your new Wells Fargo Credit Card.  The highlighted yellow space indicates the area where you will be required to provide the 16 digit reservation number which was included with the letter you received.  Potential applicants will need to retain their letter so that they have this code available as it is what is used to pull up your application and your specific offer.  Once you enter this code, you can click continue where you will be prompted to provide your zip code associated with the address where you received your offer.  From there you will be transferred to your application.

The best thing about applying for a pre-qualified offer is that once you retrieve your application, much of the information will be filled out such as your basic contact information.  This is because the company (in this case, Wells Fargo) has already reviewed you qualification for the offer and pre-filled some details that were associated with your reservation number.  The application will also confirm which Wells Fargo product you are applying for – the most popular credit card with Wells Fargo is arguably the Wells Fargo Platinum Card:

Once you have completed the rest of the application you can submit your document for review and many times approval is provided within seconds.  There are a few additional things to keep in mind when applying for a Wells Fargo Credit Card through their My Offer website.  Your reservation code has a required response date which will be indicated in the offer letter you received.  After the response date, you reservation code will no longer be active.  It is also worth mentioning that if you do not want to apply online you can also do so by phone or by mail using the enclosed application you received with your letter.

Wells Fargo Visa Platinum Card

Many consumers are receiving offers for the Wells Fargo Platinum Card so we will take a second to review some of the details of this credit card.  The WF Platinum card would fall in to the “low interest rate” category of credit cards.  These cards are not necessarily known for their flashing rewards and point systems but instead offer a low interest rate which allows customers to pay less in interest if they maintain a balance.  Some nice features of this card include:

  • 0% intro APR for up to 18 months on new purchases and balance transfers
  • Cardholders will receive free FICO Credit Score with their account
  • Additional features include liability protection and spending reports
  • The Wells Fargo Platinum Card has no annual fee
  • Low interest rates based on your credit worthiness

The introductory zero percent rate for the Wells Fargo Platinum card extends for 18 months which makes it a very attractive credit card for situations where consumers are looking to slowly pay off a major purchase during the promotional rate.  Once your intro rate is up, you will be assigned an APR based on your credit history so it is important to make every attempt to pay off you existing balance to avoid interest rate but with that said, this card does typically provide a lower APR than many competing credit cards however it is still best to avoid paying interest when at all possible.

Contacting Wells Fargo By Phone:  844-274-7841

Accessing Wells Fargo My Offer Online:  WellsFargo.com/myoffer