– Renewing Your Best Buy Support Plan

Renewing Your Best Buy Support Plan Serviced By Geek Squad:

If you have received a notice or renewal letter from Best Buy advising you that your support plan may be expiring you have the option of renewing your plan online by visiting  The renewal process is very quick when completed through the online website and all of the information needed to continue your plan can be found on the letter you received from Best Buy.  First you will enter your contract ID and your zip code to access your plan details.  Once you have pulled up your plan you can review the current plan settings and the services which are provided.  If you have elected to continue the protection plan, you can then opt in to continued service which will prevent a lapse in coverage on your covered purchase.

Service Details Regarding A Best Buy Protection/Support Plan:

Protection plans are purchased to provide additional peace of mind in the event that something happens to your electronic device.  Manufacturer warranties generally provide some coverage for issues with the product but do not cover accidental damage – this is the biggest reason many people by protection plans from retailers.  The biggest difference between a Best Buy Geek Squad Protect and Support Plan is that it does not simply provide hardware coverage (like a broken screen due to a drop) but it also provides service support for using your device.  This means that the 24/7 customer support is available anytime to assist with software issues, setting up a new device, and other problems which may arise during the use of your covered purchase.

Additional Details and Renewing Your Support Plan:

  • If you no longer need your support plan you are not required to renew and your coverage will be ended at the indicated date
  • Renewing online can be completed from home with your contract information and your service will continue until you cancel services
  • Customers may have the option to use an existing payment option or set up a new payment option for renewing your plan
  • Protection plans may be elgible to be extended beyond the warranty which was provided by the manufacturer
  • Support service contact representatives are available at 1-866-242-4568 for customers who require additional information

Source: – Simply Rewards Visa Pre-Approval Application

Simply Rewards Visa Pre-Approval Application:

UMB Financial provides customers with the Simply Rewards Visa Credit card and some consumers may have received a pre-approval offer to apply for this credit card.  Offers may vary depending on the current deal but right now select customers who have been pre-screened can apply for this credit card to receive 0% APR on the first 12 months of their new account.  Once your intro rate of zero percent is up, your APR rate will go back to whatever APR you were approved for when your submitted your application (this is based on overall creditworthiness).  New purchases will be subject to the zero percent offer and new cardholders can also transfer existing credit card balances in the first 60 days of opening their account to enjoy the exclusive intro APR.

What Should Consumers Know About Applying For The UMB Simply Rewards Visa?

  • Consumers who received a pre-approval letter can visit the website to begin their application
  • Arriving at the website will provide you access to the application where you will complete the following sections:
    • General information including contact details
    • Financial information, including employment details and earnings
    • Authorization where you will review the terms of the card and agree to complete
  • The Simply Rewards card is a points reward card and consumers earn rewards for each dollar they spend
  • Customers can elect to add an authorized user to their credit card during the application process
  • UMB Financial issues this credit card which is powered by Visa and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Current offers end on August 31st, 2018 but new offers may be provided beyond this date

Point reward cards are extremely popular credit card options because they allow consumers to spend their credit card rewards however they would like.  Unlike cash back cards or specialized travel cards which may require you to redeem for specific things, points card generally are very flexible when it comes to the rewards side of things and the UMB Simply Rewards Visa would certainly fall in to that category – reward points can be spent on travel, gift cards, account credit (essentially, cash back), entertainment options and more.

Points are earned using the Simply Rewards Visa at a rate of 3 points per dollar spent on gas, groceries, restaurants and discount stores and 1 point per dollar for all other purchases.  The 3x point categories are what make this card particularly nice as gas and food are both included in this highest earning category.


1 (800) 860-4862

Source: – World Of Hyatt 60,000 Bonus Points Offer

World Of Hyatt Cardholders Can Earn 60,000 Bonus Points (new cardholders):

  • Bonus offer is available for new cardholders
  • Points for the bonus are split between to allocations:
    • 40,000 Bonus points after $3,000 is spent in the first 3 months
    • 20,000 Bonus points after $6.000 is spent in the first 6 months
  • Application can be accessed online through the Get Hyatt Card Website
  • This card has a $95 annual fee which is applied to statement
  • The bonus points amount to up to 12 free nights in 1 and 2 category Hyatt properties
  • This is a Visa Credit Card and can be used anywhere Visa accepted

The World of Hyatt Credit Card is offered through Chase Bank and provides points which can be redeemed for stays at quantifying Hyatt Properties.  There are many ways to earn free nights when consumers have this credit card but perhaps the easiest is the free night which is offered each year on your cardmember anniversary.  The free night is good for a stay in a 1-4 category Hyatt property.  In addition to your free night you can also earn a free night each year when you spend a total of $15,000 during a calendar year.

Applying for this credit card requires potential card holders to complete three sections of the application process which include providing your personal information, your financial information, and verifying your security information.  Once your credit application has been submitted you will be notified of your approval decision in addition to your line of credit and your annual percentage rate for you card.

Highlighting The Features Of The World of Hyatt Credit Card:

  • Purchases made at Hyatt hotels and resorts will earn 9x points for every dollar spent
  • Transportation services, restaurants, and fitness memberships will be eligible for 2x points for every dollar spent
  • All other purchases will earn 1x points for every dollar you spent
  • A Free Night Calculator is available to estimate how many nights you can earn based on your expected spending
  • Cardholders will also receive Elite Status with The Hyatt Loyalty Program (World of Hyatt Discoverist status) as long as your card is open
  • Redemption of points is based on hotel category ranking so various hotels will require different point totals


1 (800) 432-3117

Source: – Barclaycard 60,000 Bonus Miles World Elite MasterCard

Pre-Selection Offer For The Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard:

  • Applications can be completed by mail (attached to the offer letter you received), online, or over the phone
  • Customers can earn bonus mileage when signing up for this card
  • Personal ID code is used no matter which method of applying customers plan to use
  • The pre-selection code is personalized to your pre-selection letter and can be found listed on the offer you received
  • This Credit Card has a $89 annual fee and applications must be replied to by the date listed on your special offer

The Arrival Plus Card is especially designed for credit card users who love to travel.  This credit card earns mileage when used but your miles can be redeemed for many different options including cash back on your credit card statements.  What is important to keep in mind when you are redeeming miles or points with any credit card is that the value of redemption may vary by what you select to receive for your redemption.  For this reason, it is recommended to approximate the value of your miles depending on what you use them on – if the best deal is redeeming your miles for vacation and you are itching to travel this may be the best bet for you, others may want to consider cash back or gift cards.

Receiving a Pre-selection offer can be exciting and they often mean that you qualify for a particular credit card because you have been pre-screened but you will still need to complete your application before final approval is issued.  During an application process for a credit card you credit history will be checked which will determine your approval odds and may also effect aspects of your card such as credit limit and your annual percentage rate.

Here Are Some More Highlights About This Card:

  • Customers will earn 2x miles on all purchases
  • When you redeem your miles you receive 5% back every time
  • There are no limit caps on miles which can be earned each year
  • Depending on your offer you may be eligible to receive up to 60,000 bonus miles
  • Bonus miles may be split between two 30K increments each with separate spending goals
  • 60,000 bonus miles is equal to $600 travel statement making this an attractive offer for customers



Source: – Payoff Loans Pre-Approval and Rate Check

Payoff Loans Pre-Approval and Rate Check:

  • Payoff Loan provides customers with pre-approval offers which can b e reviewed online
  • To check your offer, you can provide your invitation code your received from Payoff
  • Potential customers who do not have an invitation code can still check their rate by completing some basic information
  • Payoff does not perform a hard credit check when providing consumer rate offers which means no credit impact
  • Personal loans can allow consumers to pay off their credit card balances which often results in a credit score boost
  • Checking your rate can be done in a few minutes and the entire process can be completed online
  • Payoff has been featured on media mentions including the Wall Street Journal and and Bloomberg
  • Loans are offered between $5,000 and $35,000

What Else Should Consumers Be Aware of When Applying For a Personal Loan With Payoff?

Personal loans can be a powerful financial tool and there are many offers available out there but they should be used intelligently to avoid paying unnecessary interest on borrowed money (this is true of all lines of credit).  What is unique about personal loans is that they are often used to pay off higher interest debt, specifically, outstanding credit card balances.  Making the minimum payment on credit cards often includes paying interest rates well in to the 20 percentiles.  Personal loans on the other hand can offer rates which can be considerably lower than consumer credit cards – Payoff loan rates start at 6% and depending on your credit history you may be eligible for this lower rate.  Replacing high interest debt with low interest debt can add up to significant cost savings.

When determining if a personal loan is right for you there are many debt calculator tools available online to review the cost of your debt.  Once you have received your Payoff loan rate you can find a credit card debt calculator and a personal loan calculator online and determine what the total cost of both options will be.  This is often the primary factor when deciding if a loan is right for you.  Credit decisions require a credit history review and your rate will be based on your credit worthiness which demonstrates the importance of maintaining a clean credit history and always making your payments when due.