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List of Current Programs

The Santa Maria Valley Youth & Family Center’s target population is low-income families with children in the Santa Maria Valley who do not have access to private mental health providers.  There are ten major program components that comprise the Center’s services.  They may be broadly classed into prevention, intervention and treatment programs.


I.          Preventionprevents problems from developing

A.  Outreach Consultant Program

1.  Service locations

·         Santa Maria/Bonita School District

·         Guadalupe School District

2.  Helping students build resilience through the provision of prevention services designed to maximize a positive school experience.

        .    Skill building classroom presentations

        .    Community liaison

        .    School Activities

        .    Short-term counseling

B.  Healthy Start

1.  Service locations

·         Santa Maria/Bonita School District

2.  Helping families provide nurturing, healthy, and safe environments for their children.

·         Medical and Dental needs assistance

·         Advocacy

·         Liaison services

·         Health Insurance Application Assistance (Medi-Cal)

 II.  Intervention – identifies existing problem situations and works to remediate the problem before it becomes a diagnosable treatment issue.

A.  School Counseling Program

1.  Service Locations

·         Orcutt Union School District-Individual/Group Counseling (K-6)

·         Guadalupe – Individual/Family counseling (K-8 Healthy Start Families).

2.  The provision of counseling services designed to promote resiliency by increasing the influence of protective factors through the acquisition of competency skills.

·         Social and relational competence

·         Physical competence

·         Emotional regulation

·         Self-efficacy

·         Problem solving

B.  Truancy Program – Safe Schools Healthy Students

1.  Service Locations

·         Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

2.  The provision of an array of services to students who are experiencing academic or attendance issues and assist them in successfully graduating from school.

·         Monitoring.

·         Access supportive resources

·         Developing decision making/problem solving skills

C.  Parent Groups

1.  Assisting parents to practice developmentally appropriate parenting skills that will enable them to provide a nurturing and safe environment for their children.

·         Education

·         Support

             D.  Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Services (CAN)

                          1.  Service Locations

                                .     In-Home

                                .     Guadalupe

                                .     Santa Maria

                                .     Orcutt

                        2.    Program

                               .     In-Home Parenting services utilizing the Incredible Years Program.

                               .    Case management services – Healthy Start

III.  Treatment – provides counseling services in situations where a diagnosable treatment issue has arisen.

A.   Child & Family Counseling

1.  Service locations

·         Santa Maria clinic: 105 N. Lincoln St.  Santa Maria

·         Guadalupe clinic:  4460 Tenth St.  Guadalupe

2.  The Center’s traditional core programs

·         Provides low-cost services to children and families

·         Parent/child relational problems, child abuse, domestic violence, juvenile justice involvement, self-harm, family disruptions  

·         Medi-Cal services provider

B.   Substance Use Treatment

            1.  Service location

·         Santa Maria Clinic

·         In-home services

·         Santa Barbara County Juvenile Hall

2.   Services pertaining to Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD)

·         Drug and alcohol counseling for adolescents

·         Juvenile Drug Court

·         In-home services assisting families of youth in the Drug Court Program to develop strategies to help youth in maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle

·         Juvenile Hall Alcohol and Other Drugs education groups

·         Minor Consent and Full Scope Medi-Cal provider

C.    ADMHS Children’s System of Care

1.    Service locations

·         Mental Health Clinic

·         In-Home

·         CWS office

                        2.  Programs

·         Hope Program (Helping Others Parent Effectively) – Stabilization of foster home placements  – CWS clients

·         Intensive In-Home – Stabilization of foster home placements  – Mental Health Clinic families

·         Children’s Services Screener – Identification of the service needs of children in the Child Welfare System.

D.   Juvenile Probation

1.    Service Locations

·         Santa Maria clinic.

·         Juvenile Hall

·         In-Home services

2.    Programs

·         Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Act  (JJCPA) –  Early therapeutic counseling services for at-risk juveniles, juvenile offenders, and their families referred by the Probation Department that will target attitudes, behaviors, and related issues that give rise to delinquent and criminal behavior.

·         163 Girls’ Group –Group counseling services for female wards of the Juvenile Court with the objective of mitigating the likelihood of out-of-home removal for females as well as reducing the prevalence of high-risk behavior.  The program will serve female juvenile offenders and at-risk females referred by the Probation Department.

           E.   Department of Social Services Intensive In-Home Services.

1.    Service location

·         Residences of referred Child Welfare Services clients in the Santa Maria Valley.

2.    Program

·         Stabilization of biological home placements.

F.   CWS Parenting Class

1.    Location

·         Santa Maria Clinic

2.    Program

·         Parent Education class for CWS referred families attempting to reunify.

·         English and Spanish.

G.      Special Education Local Planning  Agency (SELPA)

1.    Location:

·         Santa Maria Clinic

·         Santa Maria High School

2.    Programs

·         Center for Therapeutic Education (CTE): Intensive In-school services for Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) students in designated CTE classrooms.

·         Therapeutic Services for students with Individual Education Plans (IEP) that identify the need.

H.    Training Program

·         Training of Masters’ level students in field placements

·         Placement in K-8th grade school counseling

·         Clinic based counseling services


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